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Hmm. Does anyone have any good songs/soundtracks for liking someone, getting attatched, hooking up, liking eachother, and the next day they didn't mean it the way you thought they did, or were confused? Or, they're still attatched to their ex and can't do anything really?

Think the song "Say Yes" by Elliott Smith.

I’m in love with the world through the eyes of a girl
Who’s still around the morning after
We broke up a month ago and I grew up I didn’t know
I’d be around the morning after
It’s always been wait and see
A happy day and then you pay
And feel like shit the morning after
But now I feel changed around and instead falling down
I’m standing up the morning after
Situations get fucked up and turned around sooner or later
And I could be another fool or an exception to the rule
You tell me the morning after
Crooked spin can’t come to rest
I’m damaged bad at best
She’ll decide what she wants
I’ll probably be the last to know
No one says until it shows and you see how it is
They want you or they don’t
Say yes
I’m in love with the world through the eyes of a girl
Who’s still around the morning after.

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i just joined and i feel really bad about requesting such a big request and on such short notice ESPECIALLY since i JUST JOINED. but i NEED NEED NEED this done, i need it perfect, i need it kickass, and i need it by SATURDAY!!! so if anyone will excuse the rudeness of this situation and make sara (thats me, just an intro. check out the journal for more info.) a tracklist, or just suggestions, i will love forever. and i promise ill pay back. please?? since i love you and it IS valentines day??

and yea, its not the perfect "song" just the perfect "songSSSS". still wanna help?? thatd be welcomed.

Your Gift To MeCollapse )

psh, i dont know. but if you can help, i will be eternally grateful!!!!!! i will owe you like millions of love. my love will never end for y ou!!!! thanks in advance and PLEASE sUGGEST!!! PARTY'S THIS SATURDAY AND IM STRESSING!!!!! i need the music to be perfect.

xoxo, me.

X-posted (probably like a bazillion times by the time saturday comes)
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Guess what, Soundtrackers. My 21st birthday is Thursday and what I'd really like from you is to recommend some songs (birthday-themed or otherwise) that would best help me celebrate it in style. Thanks!
tk: the lament of pretty baby

My Mix!

This is the first mix that I've ever put a ton of effort and thought into, and the first one I felt compelled to show anyone. Since I first slapped it together a few months ago, I've been tweaking it here and there. I think it may finally be perfect. It's about... a relationship. It may or may not be autobiographical.

It's called Burnout Boy and Whatsername, and it goes a little something like this.Collapse )
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let's start posting our own mixtapes, everybody.

it will make things more lively, i hope.

  • USE A CUT. if you don't know how, go to livejournal's FAQ.
  • title the cut the title of your mixtape.
  • enjoy, comment, etc.

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    The hometown (Austin) Texas Longhorns just won a national championship in football.

    Songs for raping, pillaging, and celebrating this victory, in the most gloating of manners.

    STIPULATION: No "We Are the Champions." Just don't do it, okay? It's played. Very played.


    so here's the skinny:

    if empire records were an ice cream shop, it would be the place where i work.

    i just started and already i have unofficial mixtape duty.

    i am in need of some rockin' beats to work and close shop to.

    upbeat and singalongable, but also applicable as background noise.

    crazy and riotous. think singing into mop handles and shaking your ass at the dejected would-be customers as they try to open the locked doors.


    bands that are generally liked by my coworkers:
    miles davis
    the offspring
    ben folds
    the triplets of belleville OST
    less than jake

    HELP. post as much as you can.