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i just joined and i feel really bad about requesting such a big request and on such short notice ESPECIALLY since i JUST JOINED. but i NEED NEED NEED this done, i need it perfect, i need it kickass, and i need it by SATURDAY!!! so if anyone will excuse the rudeness of this situation and make sara (thats me, just an intro. check out the journal for more info.) a tracklist, or just suggestions, i will love forever. and i promise ill pay back. please?? since i love you and it IS valentines day??

and yea, its not the perfect "song" just the perfect "songSSSS". still wanna help?? thatd be welcomed.

me and two of my girlfriends are getting a 45$ quarter bag of "sushi" this weekend. we're planning on smoking it before my party. which is just gonna be a bunch of my friends come over, listenin to some music, eating some food, watching a movie, and just chillin, maybe some dancing. there'll be strobe lights, black lightss, and plenty of munchables.

so. i need a tracklist for a cd that i can play when we're fucked up. preferably different sections to fade into one another.

songs to listen to: we pull the gravitys, to psych us up some more get us hyped and moving chill to, lay back and enjoy the trip

basically i want happy songs/songs about smoking pot, then techno/dance/rave type shit (songs with cool music and vocals), and lastly relaxing songs to "bring us down" or just sit back and think (maybe something more mae or something. i dunno im stumped)

heres a general idea of some stuff and what iv got so far:

1."we be burning",smoke two oints", marijaunaville", UPBEAT, not techno or emo, no acoustics and probably no hip hop. maybe reggae would work.

2.hellogoodbye, panic! at the disco, "tainted love", "blister in the sun", the ramones, "king of the mountain", TECHNO!!, reggae's good too, some good hiphops fine as long as its UPBEAT and DANCABLE!

3."bright eyes, dashboard, googoodolls, acoustics okay, soft rock, or like smooth flowing shit, instrumentals are good, emos fine.

psh, i dont know. but if you can help, i will be eternally grateful!!!!!! i will owe you like millions of love. my love will never end for y ou!!!! thanks in advance and PLEASE sUGGEST!!! PARTY'S THIS SATURDAY AND IM STRESSING!!!!! i need the music to be perfect.

xoxo, me.

X-posted (probably like a bazillion times by the time saturday comes)
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